New Welding procedures certification for Cubotex

Cubotex announces the achievement of an important certification process regarding the entire welding procedures that are employed in dyeing machines manufacturing.

The new welding certification replaces the existing one with newer technologies and higher repeatability standards.

The certification project has been realized with Technical Welding Service, an independent certification company with a very well established expertise in technical certification and training welding academy for the industry boasting several collaborations with partners such as RINA and TÜV.

“The important investment launched by Cubotex represents a fundamental strategic decision that provides full and top level qualification to the company’s welding procedures – says Maurizio Calabrese, founder of Technical Welding Service -. With Giuseppe Bolzoni, CEO of Cubotex, we have designed a special certification program to enable maximum qualification extension covering the overall range of welding processes required and even much more”.

The program included a series of WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) conducted with a complete and wide set of destructive and non-destructive tests that were fully satisfied by the welding samples produced by the welders of the Cubotex workshop.

It ensures that the welding processes involved in Cubotex’s machinery manufacturing guarantee customers and final end-users the maximum quality, safety and reliability levels achievable.

The welding procedure qualification program included a certification compliant to UNI EN ISO 15614-1 for steel welding on AISI 316-L, passing a test for butt weld joints on a depth of 40 mm using a double pass process, involving an early full penetration TIG pass and then a MIG pass, in order to ensure higher consistency and to cover a wider range of welding processes with a single qualification.
Another certification regarded the process of fillet welds (Tee joints) compliant to UNI EN ISO 15614-1 performed on AISI 316-L with both TIG 141 and MIG 135 processes.

Cubotex welding certification dyeing technologies

Furthermore, the program included several other certifications to cover completely all the aspects related to any dyeing machine manufacturing.

Finally, the procedure qualification process generated as well corresponding WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) for all of the tested and qualified welding processes, which include the parameters employed by Cubotex welders to prepare the welding samples for the testing campaign, thus providing welders approval certificates according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1 requirements. “There really are some excellent welders working in the Cubotex workshop, as it was also certified during the qualification process – adds Calabrese -. This brings a crucial added-value to Cubotex, where the human factor and the great craftsmanship of the welders are a key asset for the high quality of the dyeing technologies provided to the market”.

The complete fulfillment of the certification project in Cubotex is being completed with a Welding Coordinator training program for the production manager. This high qualifying certificate will be a further demonstration of Cubotex internal know-how on all welding operations.

This step represents a crucial investment as well of Cubotex in the growth of its workforce, promoting continuous improvement and pursuing further efficiency and optimizations in its manufacturing unit.

A further demonstration of how Cubotex aims to provide dyeing machines of top and certified quality levels combined with high safety and maximum performance to customers.

Cubotex Welding qualification certificate WPS


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