Vertical system model RVS

Vertical system model RVS

RVS machines are suitable for dyeing different type of textiles products.
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These machines represent the result of 35 years of R&D focused on the reduction of utilities consumption. Nowadays average running consumption of 1200 kg yarn dyeing machines is approximately 40 kWh. Flow distribution and speed across the carrier is one of the key points of the machine design for achievement of the best dyeing quality and repeatibility.

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Field of use - Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

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Yarn Dyeing

Technical data

RVS 1050015-55
RVS 2568030-100
RVS 5084050-150
RVS 7594080-200
RVS 1001040125-300
RVS 1251120150-350
RVS 1501280300-500
RVS 2001400350-550
RVS 2501500400-650
RVS 2751600450-700
RVS 3001700600-850
RVS 10001900-2050700-1500

Capacity range variation on each model is obtained by changing machine shell height at customer’s preference.

Any different diameter is available upon request. We can replicate existing machines dimensions to use the same carriers and accessories. There is no limitation on machines design, whatever is needed can be done.

Techincal draw - Horizontal type model TRO

Every machine is equipped with automatic variable filling level for reduced lots.

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Vertical system model RVS