Basket type machine model PDM

PDM machines represent the development of the original patented machine model TC from which our company was born. We estimate that nearly 60% of the pantyhose dyed in the world today are being processed in Cubotex machines.

PDM machines have been specifically designed for big production volumes of light pantyhose. The material is loaded into a centrifugeable basket with important labor saving, since there is no manual loading of the hydro extractor. These machines allow an average saving between 30 to 50% of water and chemicals compared to drum dyeing and static dyeing in cabinet machines.

PDM machines are nowadays installed in most of the biggest pantyhose dyehouses worldwide.

Product section

Full automatic systems for

Field of use - Pantyhose dyeing

Pantyhose dyeing

Technical data

PDM 50 50 5,5
PDM 100 100 7,5
PDM 200 200 11

Above mentioned loading capacities are referred to both pantyhose and muff dyeing.
PDM machines are produced also in high temperature version for dyeing of polyester muffs.

Dye liquor circulation troughout the entire circumference of the basket is granted by flow conveyors and internal volumetric reducers that guide the flow for a uniform distribution.

All PDM machines are suitable for installation at floor level without any foundation.



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