Vertical system model RVS

RVS machines are suitable for dyeing different type of textiles products.
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These machines represent the result of 35 years of R&D focused on the reduction of utilities consumption. Among our references, we have one of the biggest italian wool tops dyehouses where we have developed more specific experience in this particular field. All machines are equipped with bidirectional flow and can be supplied in different configurations: Multiple kier with modular capacity (each kier receiving one single column of bumps) or single kier with bigger diameter uitable to receive up to 8 columns.

Product section

Full automatic systems for

Field of use - Tops dyeing

Tops dyeing

Technical data

DIA (mm) Number of columns
(pitch 450 mm)
RVS 10 500 1
RVS 2 X10 500×2 2
RVS 100 1040 3
RVS 125 1120 4
RVS 150 1280 5
RVS 200 1400 6
RVS 300 1700 7

Each machine model can be designed with column height as per customer’s preference, the smallest machine can load 1 bumps, the biggest machine 49 bumps. One of the most popular machines size nowadays is our model miniRVS 10, suitable to load 1,2 or 3 bumps with variable filling level.

Above chart refers to the most common bumps size of 400 mm diameter but it is also possible to supply machines for tops dyeing in bigger format and configuration.

As per all other models in our production. any different diameter is available upon request. We can replicate existing machines dimensions to use the same carriers and accessories. There is no limitation on machines design.

RVS - 3D Image

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Vertical system model RVS