Tow dryer model B 72

The dryer model B 72 comes from 150 years of experience of the company Alea. Since 2020, these drying systems are manufactured and sold with new design under the new brand Alea by Cubotex.

This drying system has a modular structure with drying bays of 6500 mm lenght which can be combined to reach any different production demand. The perfect distribution of the air inside the machine on the entire width of the belt is a further guarantee of drying uniformity. Air drying technology is a must in all tow processing plants and permits to achieve the best quality results on the fibre. The machine is supplied with a special tow finishing application system which permits a huge improvement in tow to tops operation efficiency.

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Technical data

B 72-1 1500-2000-2500 4500-6500
B 72-2 1500-2000-2500 6500
B 72-3 2000-2500 6500
B 72-4 2000-2500 6500

The tow drying system does not only effects the quality of the material but it also reflects on the efficiency of tow to tops operations.

Our B-72 system is PLC controlled, with touch screen operator interface and drying recipes already stored with optmized running parameters.

The application of finishing products and a proper fibre opening before placing it on the dryer’s belt are the unique features of this machines which come from 150 years of Alea experience.


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