Vertical system model RVS

RVS machines are suitable for dyeing different type of textiles products.
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These machines represent the result of 35 years of R&D focused on the reduction of utilities consumption. We have realized complete turn-key projects for loose fibre dyeing following our customers from the pressing equipment to the final baling press. The fibre cake dimension is the most important parameter for a proper design of a complete project. The correct choice and evaluation, along with modular machines that can process from one to 4 cakes with same dimensions, give to our customers the highest efficiency and load flexibility.

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Technical data

RVSLAB 200-250 150-400 1
RVS 10 500 300-600 1
RVS 25 680 500-800 2
RVS 50 840 600-1000 1-2-3
RVS 75 940 600-1200 1-2-3
RVS 100 1040 600-1300 1-2-3
RVS 125 1120 600-1300 1-2-3
RVS 150 1280 600-1300 1-2-3
RVS 200 1400 600-1300 1-2-3-4
RVS 250 1500 600-1300 1-2-3-4
RVS 275 1600 600-1300 1-2-3-4
RVS 300 1700 600-1300 1-2-3-4
RVS 1000 1900-2050 600-1300 1-2-3-4

Cake height range can vary between above mentioned values according to customer’s preference and for targeting the requested capacity.

Cake density values vary according to the fibre to be processed, and according to the type of pressing equipment and material holder itself. We supply two different options: Centrifugeable plates with lifting chains or centrifugeable baskets with individual pressing lids.

The most common system nowadays is the first but the choice of one or the other depends on many different aspects. We will be glad to share our experience to evaluate what is the best technical choice according to any specific requirement.

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