Cabinet machine with drawer system model AMRE

Our AMRE machines are nowadays the most used system for pantyhose static dyeing worldwide. We estimate that nearly 60% of the pantyhose dyed in the world today are being processed in Cubotex machines.

AMRE machines are designed to process any type of pantyhose, from very light articles to microfiber and medical stockings.Static pantyhose dyeing has objective advantages compared to drum dyeing and AMRE machines perfectly represent this concept. The same machine can be equipped with drawers, suitable to receive pre-boarded material, or with shelves which are suitable to receive bigger bags with non pre boarded articles. From 1 to 20 drawers, the capacity range can fulfill any different requirement.

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Cabinet machine with drawer system model AMRE

Technical data

AMRE 1 1-2 1,5
AMRE 2 2-4 1,5
AMRE 10 15-20 3
AMRE 25 40-50 5,5
AMRE 35 60-75 5,5
AMRE 50 80-110 7,5
AMRE 100D 180-220 15

Above mentioned values refer to average material weight of 250-300 grams/dozen.
Machines can be produced with variable number of drawers so that any specific capacity requirement can be matched.

Here above we have mentioned the most common alternatives required by our customers.

Each machine is complete with double material holder and double set of drawers and trolleys for faster loading operations.

AMRE - 3D Image

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Cabinet machine with drawer system model AMRE