Cabinet type model AMRE

We propose four different solutions for any necessity: You will not find any other manufacturer in the world with such a wide range of hank dyeing systems including high temperature machines.

You are now on the page related to cabinet dyeing machines which come from 35 years of experience and continuous improvement along with our customers. The most important feature on any hank dyeing machine is to grant the most delicate treatment on the hanks. In our machines this is a must and there are unique features to preserve the hanks crossing angle and allow a better efficiency in hank to cone operations. We invite you to explor also our hank drying system with automatic squeezer for a further improvement of hank quality at the end of the process.

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Cabinet type model AMRE

Technical data

AMRE 1 200-300-400-500 1 to 3
AMRE 2 200-300-400 4 to 6
AMRE 5 500-600 4 to 6
AMRE 6 500-600 7 to 8
AMRE 10 500-600 9 to 12
AMRE 25 1000 9
AMRE 35 1000 13
AMRE 50 1000 18
AMRE 65 1000 21
AMRE 100 1000 36
AMRE 125 1000 42
AMRE 200 1000 72
AMREE 250 1000 84

Machines height (and consequently carrier reeling) can be realized in any different configuration upon request. Number of poles can also change at customer’s preference, above models are indications of the most common machines required by our customers.

Any different loading capacity can be obtained with customized carriers integrated with stainless steel dummies. The number of dyeing poles in this case will be exaclty whatever is required. There is no limitation on machines design, any machine size in width and depth can be produced

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Cabinet type model AMRE