Drum type machine with centrifugation model PMT

PMT machines can be supplied with open or divided drum according to the products to be dyed and customer's preference.

Drum dyeing machines are mostly used for dyeing cotton socks/garments and seamless articles. However those machines can also be used for a great variety of different products and we have many customers dyeing different articles. Whatever can be the use of the machine, it is our standard feature to realize basket with special perforation for the most delicate treatment on the articles. The reduction of friction coefficient between goods and basket is our primary aim. All machines sizes are produced with automatic balancing system or with suspensions system according to customer's request.

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Field of use - Garment dyeing

Garment dyeing

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Drum type machine with centrifugation model PMT

Technical data

MACHINE MODEL basket volume (dmc)
PMT 50 150
PMT 100 300
PMT 250 600
PMT 500 1000
PMT 750 1460
PMT 1000 1920
PMT 1500 3180
PMT 2000 4450

Each model can be supplied with drum divided in 3 compartments or in open drum configuration.
Machines with compartments represent the most part of our production and in this case shaft is crossing the basket with front and rear supports.
In cae of different size required, basket depth can be increased at customer’s preference.

Technical Draw - Drum type machine with centrifugation - Model PMT - For garment dyeing

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Drum type machine with centrifugation model PMT