Efficiency in fine wool tops dyeing with Cubotex for Tintalana

Tintalana, an Italian textile company headquartered in Biella and specialized in tops dyeing service of fine and high quality yarns, such as pure wool, pure cashmere and fine blends (mohair, alpaca), started the innovation of its dyeing department with the target to increase the efficiency of the overall dyeing process, adopting new Cubotex dyeing machines model RVS.

Tintalana produces approximately two million kg of yarns every year, equal to 10.000 kg of materials dyed every day. The dyeing process in Tintalana is highly automated, employing machines equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies in order to ensure process repeatability and the highest quality standards. Actually, the company works with 8 new Cubotex RVS dyeing machines, on a total of 18 machines.

The first order of RVS dyeing machines has been supplied to Tintalana in 2018, followed by a second one in 2020 thanks to the significant benefits achieved in terms of dyeing process quality and the reduction of operating costs with high energy savings, making a more sustainable dyeing process. Cubotex technology has in fact improved the efficiency of the dyeing process in Tintalana thanks to a lower liquor ratio, obtained with the optimization of both volumes and dyebath circuits on the dyeing machines.

Furthermore, Cubotex provided Tintalana the complete customization of the machines, in order to install them in narrow spaces and to adapt the new machines to the tops dyeing tubes already existing in the dyehouse of the client. Finally, Tintalana is planning the complete replacement of all of its dyeing machines with new Cubotex technologies in the next years.

Tintalana pure wool tops dyeing Cubotex

Techno Fashion Tintalana Cubotex tops dyeing machines 2

Techno Fashion Tintalana Cubotex tops dyeing machines 3

In the pictures above, the full long-length article about the Tintalana case study as featured in the April 2022 issue of Techno Fashion.

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